About us

Legacy Second Chance Mortgage

Legacy Second Chance Mortgage provides private real estate financing for individuals or investors seeking special loan terms or for those that may not qualify under traditional lending guidelines.

For home buyers, we do our best to find a way to say YES to your loan. We’re not able to qualify every borrower that comes our way, but we do qualify about 65% of the borrowers that come to us after being rejected by traditional lenders.

For real estate investors, we understand your needs and we are in the business of cultivating lasting relationships with investor borrowers. The more loans we do together the simpler we try to make the process for you. We know you want to reduce your upfront out-of-pocket costs. Sometimes there may be assignment fees or seller credits or repair credits in the deal. Sometimes you need rehab funds built into the loan. We will do what we can to customize a loan that fits your needs and the needs of your next cash-flowing investment property.

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