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Standard Terms are a 3-year initial interest rate guarantee with a 30-year amortization. Interest rates are tied to the Wall Street Journal Prime rate plus a margin amount. The margin amount may vary based on which loan program you qualify for.

Because our mortgages are private financing, they have lower barriers to financing approval. If you’re free from tax liens, you can meet our basic credit requirements and have sufficient income and down payment, we can generally make the loan work.

There are no pre-payment penalties.

No, Mortgage insurance is not needed for our loans.

The property will be held/owed in the borrower’s name. Ownership will be transfers by a Special Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien at closing. Loan documents will be recorded at the county clerks office and loans are secured with a Promissory Note and Deed of Trust.

Yes, We require your entity documents and you must be in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State.

No – Borrowers are required to pay their own closing costs and down payment.

No, we perform our borrower underwriting for the first loan and only verify key items thereafter for additional properties. Your performance on any existing loans qualify you for additional loans.

Yes, we accommodate the special provisions for lending to Self Directed IRA borrowers.

Typical limits are between $65,000 to $726,200.

We pre-approve most borrowers within 2 business days of receiving all required information. Expect 30 days from the day you receive the loan approval to closing on the property.

Single family residential
Town homes
Multi-family rental properties (2-4 units)

Multi-family properties over 4 units
Mobile homes
Construction loans
Partially constructed properties with unfinished work

A payment estimate will be provided with your initial Loan Estimate. The initial Loan Estimate is provided within 3 business days of us receiving your application and all required documents.
Actual payment amounts are not known until the final property contract price is negotiated, a tax certificate is received and your insurance binder is received.